Dr. Heinrich Lang

Öffentlich bestellter und vereidigter Sachverständiger für

Camping- und Ferienpark­wirtschaft

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As the sole registered expert for camping and holiday parks in Germany, I mainly focus in my professional work on the valuation of properties for lease and sale, above all in the camping branch. This activity is especially important for foreign investors in Germany, who generally need an independent assessment of the value of a camping site which they wish to purchase or lease. But also financial institutions, whether in Germany or abroad, are unlikely to provide a loan without a neutral opinion on the value of the property in question. After valuation, consultation can be provided for the investor and a detailed basis for the new commercial venture can be drawn up, including business and investment plans. If desired, and in the case of special problems, consultation and correspondence with the relevant authorities can be carried out.

Also general consultation on the management and future planning of camping and holiday park sites can be provided. Possible topics range from marketing measures through personnel recruitment to interim management.

Foreign investors in the camping and holiday park business in Germany thus have the possibility of enjoying all-round advisory help. The focus always lies on the investor and on the commercial success of the venture. At the same time a basis of trust is formed for cooperation with property agents, both in Germany and abroad.

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